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Quickie character sketch 1982

    She sat in the kitchen staring at a jar of "Mary Ellen's pure mixed fruit jelly" trying to figure out how it could be 'pure' and 'mixed' at the same time.

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Freewriting 1982

The freewriting I did yesterday was the visual 1/2 of a video I would like to do.

    John is wearing a beach hat and shirt and sunglasses. He is eating an apple. I think he is probably a very bright guy, but he just tones it down by goofing off in class. Maybe I should try not to encourage him to be funny, but I don't want to seem cold.

    I don't know how I'm going to do on the S.A.T. I'm not going to be able to study much at all. I have too much homework as it is. Mr. Fisher doesn't care what you say the whole class could be flunking and he wouldn't tell them and he wouldn't slow down. Mr. Johnson is just a zealous, new teacher who will not be as good next year, but a hell of a lot easier to work with. Mr. Bedell knows that Sandra and I got stuck in the 'bonehead government' class, and he takes pretty good care of us and lets us out of class. Mrs. Lingelser is my favorite teacher. She can be really nice without comprimising herself.

More Homework! Too Much! Aiee! I'll never get to study for the S.A.T. Now!


Freewriting Non-assignment (#249)

I must stink. I'm sweating like an ox. Delivering these stupid carnations is hell. [Some fundraiser thing where one could order a flower to be delivered to someone else]


Physical - there are too many different kinds of people I'm attracted to to decide on a particular look.

    I don't believe in perfection so this assignment is impossible from the start.


I feel dumped on. I won't change my mind unless he changes. He is too demanding. I don't want to go steady with anyone. [I guess I had split up with or assumed I was split up with the current boyfriend being written about to this point] I tell him over and over and he keeps saying "well, maybe you'll change your mind" "If you change your mind tell me o.k." TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN DAMN SELF, NATHAN. GROWL.

Oh depression, oh forlornness! [I see my anger to sadness converter was in fine working order in those days]

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freewriting 1982

Oh foo or phoo or phew I'm bothered and bewildered today. Just another John Dodson groupie. I'm so flighty lately. I miss [current boyfriend] I wonder if I'll be able to get close again with him. It's just a bad time for me I guess, the down end of my cycle.

Topic Writing

1) [current boyfriend] is like a good steak; I never get tired of having him over for dinner.

2) John is like a cat, he will sit there and look as though he's going to wait for you to come over to him and then he will run away.

3) I am like a rainbow, reflect on many different colors and display them all.

4) Mr. McNeely is a hurricane.

Back to me

oh well no time

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notes from English class 1982

techniques for revealing character

(1) action verbs

(2) tone

(3) name

(4) physical appearance

(5) setting

(6) dialogue

(7) incident, events, action

(8) author analysis (telling)

(9) the way others react to protaganist

(10) the way protaganist reacts to others

(11) symbol

(12) character change (but how do you show that change)

English 4x BNW [Brave New World] paper

    Write on 3 of the 5 choices

[checkmark] (1) Do you think we are in any danger of becoming the next "brave new world"? Compare and contrast today's world with Huxley's created society. (20th century planet Earth, including 1982 Mtz [Martinez] including Huxley's own 1930s world. Describe similarities + differences.

[checkmark] (2) What is the slogan, goal or motto of the brave new world? As per "Ford's" ideas, how was this goal in contrast with the notion of family? Describe the Bokanovsky process and explain how this helps the brave new world to achieve its goal(s).

(3) Compare + contrast the solidarity service "meeting" that Bernard attended ("orgy-porgy") and the sacrifice on the savage reservation. What do you think Huxley hoped to point out both about the brave new world and about today's society? (20th century, Earth, including 1982 Mtz)

(4) In spite of their obvious physical differences, Bernard and Helmholtz share a common need. Explain the psychological foundation fro this need in each of them and how its lack of fulfillment expresses itself in each of their lives.

[checkmark] (5) After John's arrest, he and Mustapha Mond engage in a long conversation about the new civilization. How does Mond explain the emergence of science and the repression of beauty, art, and religion? What is John's response and why does he feel that way?

    Criteria 1/2 to 1 page long: - the same criteria for all writing assignments - thoroughness - comprehension of book + assignment - support opinion - examples (specific, page #'s) degree of detail

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freewriting 1982

    Relationships are confusing. [Current boyfriend] lives in Novato. I haven't seen him for a month and he asked me to go steady with him then. That isn't working. I never see him, he doesn't write or call. I just hope he wants to break up as much as I do. I think it may have just been a really superficial attraction. I don't think we have that much in common. His father doesn't like me. So I want to break up with him. I'm not ready to go steady. I want to be able to go out with people I like and not worry about whether it's o.k. or not because of their sex. I have been attracted to so many people who are older and more experienced than I, that it is very strange to spend a lot of time with someone who is younger and as cautious and worried as Nathan [not old-pal, gaming buddy Nathan; some other guy] is. I have more in common with him than with [current boyfriend], but, despite it's being flattering, being admired that much is a little unnerving. And what about John [kicker from the football team who would wear shorts to class, *sigh!*], if there was ever a purely superficial attraction there it is. Or Greg, he's just a friend, but he seems awfully fond of me. I'm not used to being so flattered.

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Solving Problems + complaints 1982

1. I'll talk to him about what his needs are and see if we can find a way to meet both of our needs.

2. I can stay the whole year, relax and have fun. [Instead of trying to finish high school early]

3. I can get my easy homework done at school leaving time at home for anatomy.

4. My paper for American Problems is now due Monday.

5. I can go to bed earlier or just live with being tired.

6. I will see him this weekend.

7. I don't need to.

8. I don't have to decide until next month.

9. I can pick fleas in my spare time.

10. I can get it done at school.

11. I can call him.

12. I can wait until Saturday.

13. I don't "have to" do anything.

14. I can relax, slow down and enjoy life more.

15. I can stop buying candy.

16. I can change that.

17. I can pay it.

18. He doesn't have to spend a lot of money on me, I just need some of his attention.

19. My hair is still pretty.

20. I can wait 'til I get home.

21. I still have to ask my parents and talk to [current boyfriend] about it.

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Homework notes 1982

Showing not telling    comp/contrast

Maybe write about Ren faire lady (use Luisa? [who played Queen Elizabeth])
customer chick

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English class 1982

Use action verbs to describe a person.

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My English Teacher 1982

How does Mr. Johnson judge his basements?

Spoonerism barely avoided by Mr. J. whilst trying to say how he bases his judgements.

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Problems or complaints 1982

1. [Current boyfriend] doesn't call or write enough.

2. I need a 1/2 a unit of U.S. History. [Oh, just realized that I must at this point be in public school not the private school writing classes I've been picturing as I transcribe this old spiral notebook.]

3. Anatomy isn't easy.

4. My paper for American Problems is due friday.

5. I'm tired.

6. I miss [current boyfriend].

7. I don't know what I want to do with my life.

8. I don't know whether or not to stay the whole year here at Alhambra or not.

9. Our dogs have fleas.

10. I have homework.

11. I need to talk to [current boyfriend].

12. I need to hug [current boyfriend].

13. I "have to" do work.

14. I haven't been having enough fun.

15. I haven't got a steady source of money other than allowance and babysitting.

16. I am getting greedy about money.

17. I am going to have a big phone bill.

18. [Current boyfriend] won't (at least not from calls to Martinez)

19. I have split ends.

20. I need to take a shower, I feel grubby.

21. I want to go to the movies and the party on Halloween, but I'm not sure if I'll have time to do both or if my parents will let me go to the party.

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Possible Future #1 1982

After taking Night School, I Graduate from High School in January and begin at DVC [Diablo Valley College, community college] for the first 9 week spring courses. I get a job at the library and work there until the end of May when Mo [my aunt], Aimee [???], [current boyfriend], and I go to Europe. I am able to resume my job at the library when I get back and I continue to live with my parents until the fall of 1984. I then go to a 4 year college for my Junior and Senior years. [current boyfriend] graduates in Spring of '85 and gets a job by Christmas. I graduate in '86, continue working part time at a library, and get a Part-time bookkeeping or programming [I think I was learning Basic around this time] job. In the fall of '86 [current boyfriend] has gotten fairly secure in his work and I get just the kind of job I want in November. We make plans to marry in April 1987. David Patrick [last name of current boyfriend] is born August 10, 1987.

[Hoo boy am I glad this didn't come true. I'd have a 22 year old and a mother-in-law who may or may not have ever learned to like or trust me. Brrr. Reading it is like a goose walking over my grave. - August 2009]

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freewriting 1982

[in cursive] Blah blah blah [end cursive] {ornate blahs} I don't want to be here; I want to go home and go to sleep. I want to watch Dr. Who. Ah ha, freewriting topic...

My Own Channel

    My perfect television channel would always have on what I wanted to watch. It would show the programs I like and run them again in case I missed a show. Channel 9 comes closest to my ideal; it seems that every week there is something I want to see.

    Perhaps the perfect channel would be like a computer program. Every week you would receive a tape of the weeks programs. When you wanted to see a particular show you could fast forward or rewant until you got to it.

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Showing, not telling 1982

    She sat on the porch of the cabin for the third day in a row. Across the road flowed the river where here husband had spent each day fishing. He was there now. She got up and went into the tiny cabin. There was nothing in the cabin to amuse her. Her knitting, her books, all were at home. He had needed the room in the car for his fishing gear. As usual, all but one rod and one tackle box remained in the car. He never used the other gear. She looked around the room; it was as clean as it could be. Not suprising as she had cleaned it 8 times already this trip. The door creaked sullenly as she walked outside again. She sat down in her chair on the porch and watched what she had never learned to see.

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