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Favorites 1980

1. My favorite subject in school is: [this appears to have been left blank at first glance, but on closer examination I think that I wrote the name of the teacher I had a crush on and then erased it]

2. I sometimes am afraid of: car accidents.

3. I never want to: see earth destroyed; man, maybe; earth, no.

4. Most of my teachers are: my friends. [I didn't mean my peers are my teachers, rather that I was friends with my adult teachers.]

5. I get kind of depressed when: I take responsibility for other people.

6. I wonder if: someone will kill Ronald Reagan if he wins.

7. Going to college is: important to me.

8. I like it when my father (or whoever plays this role) [my father is crossed out and Paul is written in]: and I get weird together. [Some of my fondest memories are still of Paul & I reducing each other to tears of laughter.]

9. Doing homework is: something I spend a lot of time doing.

10. My favorite person is: Morgan Hall [a younger boy who lived with us; his mom Cathy took care of us in the afternoon before my folks got home.]

11. I think my brothers and/or sisters are: nonexistant. [I didn't count my step-brother or step-sister as siblings at that point in my life.]

12. Most of all, I'd like to get: a very private place where I would not be disturbed.

13. I get angry when: Mike doesn't listen to anyone. [I think this refers to a friend at school.]

14. When I get out of school, I hope to: change things on earth.

15. I wonder if: I'll survive school. [That doesn't have to do with school per se, rather with my general fear of nuclear war.]

16. The most important person I know is: me.

17. I hope I will never have to: live with you for a long time. [Yikes! I don't know if this was for a teacher, but I think so, and probably for the teacher on whom I had the crush. Once again I'm glad I don't have a teenage kid.]

18. The hardest thing about reading is: finding something good to read.

19. I am happiest when: I am with you or Morgan.

20. I don't like it when my friends: all get drunk or stoned and I am left out (by my choice).

21. It is easy for me to: kick myself.

22. I sometimes worry about: everything.

23. If I could be anything in the world, I would be: politically active.

24. I wish my mother would: ?

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