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No one likes that 1979

[not sure exactly when this was written]
[in Memoranda section of diary]
Have to get shots during the summer ouch!

[in telephone & address section, only one entry, my friend Morgan Hall. This is from when he lived on Euclid in Berkeley, so after he & his mom, Cathy, had lived in our house. Before they lived with us, they lived in a cool old water tower in Martinez. Tiny, but definitely one of the neatest looking houses I've ever been in.]

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Okay, now we're getting to some good dreams 1979

Dream w/ Synergy [my school] people, U.F.O.'s [sic], me looking for Q-tips.

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Closed Mouth 1979

No Dreams (censored)

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Dream 1979

Dream w/ Mike B. in a top hat running across a hall from one group of Synergy [my school] kids to another.

Saw the tribute to Alfred Hitchcock. YEA HITCH!

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Never run out of daydreams 1979

Saw Patience [Gilbert & Sullivan operetta put on by The Lamplighters] today. It was good as it always is.

I haven't been remembering dreams lately and I'm running out of daydreams. I just relized [sic] that running out of daydreams is bull shit!

Fantasy: Being able to be in stories i.e. [sic] The Narnia books or t.v. shows (not on the sets, with the characters as thogh they were real and had a roof and walls!)

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Yet another fantasy 1979

I fantasize about being able to just flash to a different place by simply knowing what the place is. For instance; sitting next to Robin Williams right... now! [I was a big Mork & Mindy fan] Oh yea, I would be able to see where he was first of course and appear around a corner so as not to scare him.

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Another fantasy 1979

Camp trip on Monday!

Deanna and Erik are breaking up, I think (I wish there was a punctuation mark the opposite of "!" to express sadness)

I have a wonderful fantasy about being given 5 minutes to grab everything I want [in a store, I think I was imagining] and mark it with paint. at the end of the time, all the thing [sic] marked with paint I would get,

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First viewing & another fantasy 1979

Saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail. VERY, VERY, VERY strange!?

I fantisize [sic] about having a great lot of money and giving away to people and various causes (like Synergy! [my school])

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Another fantasy 1979

Took Kirsten [the little girl I babysat] to school today.

I daydream about being 3 or 4 inches tall and exploring our house and yard. [The Borrowers, Mistress Masham's Repose and The Littles were all favorite books as a kid]

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Great Sport Ideas 1979

Dreamed something competitive about running in swim fins and masks etc., across the kitchen.

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Dream 1979

Morning: Harvey Korman was a man - Carol Burnett was a wife and Tim Conway was her husband [I used to watch the re-runs of the Carol Burnett show every day] First they're in a parking lot talking about how its going to be turned into a pool and then they're inside in a bakery section: Korman says something about the walls and runs into them with his cart and Conway starts to pick up the bread and a security guard give him a dirty look.

[I'm relieved that the quality of my dreams has largely improved over the past 24 years]

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Fantasy 1979

I have this fantasy about being able to lift into the air and float away above the hills and look down on the world as though it was a railroad set.

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This Dream Is So Freudian 1979

I dreamed I was looking around in this Camelot-like atmosphere at Sun Valley [the local shopping mall] and I was trying to decide which garden was the most ____ (industrial or something like that. I know there was a word but I can't remember what it was). We were looking for places where there are nude women (YWCA).

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Crafty 1979

I went to a craft fair meeting and saw Deanna.

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Dreams 1979

I read about indians before I went to bed.


I dreamed that there was sand on the deck by the sliding glass door and Jinx, Paul and I went out and molded little rivers in it and the soup from inside the house ran down the rivers and we ate it. There were indians.

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a family outing 1979

Screen Shot 2014-01-21 at 10.23.28 AM

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