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Lips that touch liquor? 1979

[boy o' the moment] is planning to make a still. I will make myself stop thinking about him.

Poor Deanna. Eric went to L.A. and it seems like he might be away for a long time. I still envy her.


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Working up the courage 1979

I will talk to [boy o' the moment] tomorrow. (I hope he's there). Maybe if I know he doesn't love me, than [sic] I will leave him alone and if he does love me, (oh please!) than [sic] I haven't got anything to worry about (ha ha).


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The more things change... 1979

I'm still after [boy o' the moment] anyway.


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Entropy wins 1979

Too sleepy to write.


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Play for Voices 1979

Under Milkwood [Dylan Thomas' play which my family used to have regular readings of] was a success. After we read it we joked around until 11:30 and the best way to describe the noise we were making is "Oh what will the neighbors say, what will the neighbors say".

[Uncle] Larry's friend Mark is a really neat person.

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Changing My Mind 1979

I decided that [boy o' the moment] is not for me. We are too different.

I wish someone would get into a relationship with me like Eric got a relationship with Deanna.

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No progress at all 1979

[boy o' the moment] wasn't at school today so I didn't get to talk to him.

Didn't get to talk to Deanna or Jacque either. Maybe tomorrow.


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Gossip & envy 1979

Erik L. and Deanna seem to be rather fond of each other.

I wish that [boy o' the moment] would let me find out how he feels so I know whether or not to keep pursuing him.

I need someone to confide in. Maybe Jacque or Deanna.

I better get to sleep now. G'night.

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Total Gamer 1979

I just found yet another D&D store in Walnut Creek and I went and bought Monster and Treasure Assortments 4-6 and 7-9.


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Fluctuations in my In list 1979

I dislike David M. now. (I also found a new D&D store in Concord [I think this might have been The Multiversal Trading Company, the store of David Hargrave, author of the Arduin Grimoires]).

Bianca is getting to be a real bother.


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Rats n' stuff 1979

Not much to say. I'm still in love with [boy o' the moment]. No new news.

Bianca [Bonkers, my rat] is getting to be a nuscience [sic].

Oh well. G'night.

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Revelations 1979

[boy o' the moment] knows I'm crazy (I told him) now. I want to tell him how I feel, but I haven't gotten my guts up to it yet. We're getting there.

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Accepting the madness 1979

I feel better today. I'm crazy, so it doesn't matter if I die.

[boy o' the moment] is still a fox.

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Quotes(?) & fears 1979

You're smart when you only believe half of what you read and you're brilliant if you know which half!

D.O.A. [I think that was a song I recorded off the Dr. Demento show] has made me fill [sic] like I'm going to die. I am scared. I need someone.

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My primary social activity at age 14 and a half 1979


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Gamer 1979

We started playing D&D at school today.

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Anti-vivisectionist Teen 1979

I finished 'The Plague Dogs'. What a wonderful book! Excellent! Bravo! Encore! Hooray! Yea Snitter! Yea Rowf! Oh, I love it! GOOD night.

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Long time sleepy grrrl 1979

I slept until 11:00am today.

Shit, I haven't got anything to say.

Oh! We finished the dollhouse roof. [This was an enormous dollhouse my Mum & I would work on intermittently. We never finished the darn thing. Had a lot of fun thinking about it though.]

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This & That 1979

I'm tired; it's late.

I'm reading 'Grapefruit' by Yoko Ono. It's funny.

My period started today.

Oh, [boy o' the moment]! You turkey, say how you feel about me, (but not in public!)

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Mooncalves & soggy sheets 1979

[boy o' the moment] is coming to D&D next Friday. I wonder if I will get up enough guts to tell him how I feel about him.

The waterbed [belonging to my parents] broke.

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Ah, teenage longing 1979

I am falling in love with [boy o' the moment]. He has made a D&D character and will be playing with Erik L., Robert W., David F. and Brooks [a teacher]. I will be 'D.M.-ing'. Ken and someone else were making noise during centering so I couldn't get into it [Yep, my late 70's hippy school had a relaxation class]. It seems like [boy o' the moment] is starting to pay attention to me. I hope he likes me.

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